Booking Terms and Conditions

Childbirth and Baby And You Course Booking Terms & Conditions:

Bookings:  Bookings and pre-payment are essential (early booking is recommended). Classes are scheduled by estimated due dates, which means special requests to join a specific class may not be able to be completed if the class is full. We will endeavour to accommodate requests where possible.

PLEASE NOTE your place is not guaranteed in our Childbirth Education Class until full payment has been made.

Confirmation and Waiting List: As our courses are popular we do often have a waitlist. You will be advised if you are placed on the waitlist and offered alternatives. Payment is required within 4 weeks from acceptance into the class. Failure to make payment by the deadline will mean those places may be offered to waitlisted clients. If there is enough interest we will move classes and/or add additional classes to the schedule. We will always do our utmost to ensure everyone is able to attend a Childbirth Education class and will keep all parties updated.

Cancellation Policy: If you require your place on the Childbirth Education course and/or Baby and You Course to be cancelled, four or more weeks notice is required for a 50% refund of the Childbirth Course and Baby & You Course fees to apply. The remainder of the fee ($85) is retained by Mana Parents Centre, and you will continue to receive the KiwiParent magazine along with our other member benefits, such as subsidised parent education classes and retailer discount card. Cancellation inside of 4 weeks notice from the course start date is non-refundable. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend or continue a Childbirth Education and/or Baby and You course. Refunds will be considered by the Mana Parents Centre Committee, which is made up of volunteers, on a case by case basis.

Class Size: Limited to 12 couples.

Parent Education Classes Booking Terms & Conditions

Payment: Payment is required by the deadline specified by each course. Deadline will be displayed on the course booking pages.

Class Sizes: Minimum class sizes will apply for each course. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule courses if numbers are not sufficient.

Cancellation Policy: We require 7 days notice from you for any refund to apply. After this time, refunds will be considered on a case by case basis by the Mana Parents Centre Committee. If a course is cancelled a credit or full refund will be offered.

Renewal Vouchers

Renewal Vouchers are valid for Parent Education classes only.

Not available to use for Pregnancy & Childbirth Course, Baby and You Course, or Bigger Baby and You Course, or any Special Events (Including Free and Koha Events).

Voucher is worth $10.

Not redeemable for cash or services.

Voucher is only redeemable ONCE.

Voucher expires 6 months after issue.

To redeem your voucher, when booking a Parent Education Class, enter your membership number and a note stating you would like to use your Renewal Voucher into the  ‘Any Comments or Information we should know?’ box. The voucher value will be removed from your class cost once we have confirmed your booking. If booking for multiple members who wish to use their vouchers, you will need to enter a membership number for each voucher.

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