Conscious Parenting Programme

“Conscious parenting means becoming deliberate and intentional about what we want for the children we care for. It is making choices about what we bring from our own families and what we choose to leave out.”

From ‘Children Are Unbeatable’ by Rhonda Pritchard

Magic Moments

Magic Moments is a three week evening course (one 2.5 hour session per week) that parents and caregivers to build strong and caring relationships with their children, whilst giving clear boundaries.

  • The Six ‘Principles of Effective Discipline’ and how they apply in your own life.
  • The developmental stages and milestones of pre-schoolers.
  • Positive and effective communication techniques to engage children’s cooperation.
  • The importance of routine and structure and practical strategies for use in your own life.
  • Why it is important to allow children to express their feelings and how they do this.
  • Practical techniques for helping children express and deal with their feelings.
  • The difference between discipline and punishment.
  • Negative outcomes of physical discipline of children and negative behaviour triggers.
  • Non physical discipline techniques and ways they can be used within a family setting.

A small supper is included (biscuits and a hot or cold drink).

I did this course a couple of years back, right when my son was starting to push the boundaries, and I can’t rave about it enough… now he is so much bigger he pushes boundaries (& my buttons) but the skills I developed on this course make it so much easier to step back and give myself a metaphorical kick in the behind… it doesn’t need to be as hard as it is some days… by changing my thinking and approach and by communicating appropriately with him I can turn feral into fun again.

Doing a course like this is not an admission of parenting troubles or difficulty – it is a commitment to being the best parent you can be… by working out who the parent you want to be is!

The course has been developed by Parents Centres NZ and the Ministry of Social Development so there is no religion or any hippy trippy mumbo jumbo – this is all common sense, evidence and experience-based information to help you make decisions for what is best for you, your family and your circumstances.

P.s the skills you learn aren’t just for use “on” kids… I use them on everyone from my son to my husband and the cat!!!


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Parenting With Purpose

  • Do you want to find out more about parenting positively with your children?
  • Have you got a clear picture about the sort of parent you want to be?
  • Do you want to meet with other parents, and share ideas about what works and what doesn’t?
  • Do you want to understand more about generating high self-esteem with your children?
  • Do you want to explore how to balance the needs of your children with your own?
  • What about how to handle challenging behaviour and stress flashpoints?

Do you want to do this in a practical way, with other parents and a facilitator who will support you as you gain new skills and understanding? This course has been created to encourage parents/caregivers and key support people to look at how they parent, where they learnt their parenting skills and are they the most productive skills to use when raising children.

Parenting with Purpose is a 6 week practical, experiential and evidence-based programme, developed by Parents Centre in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Development.

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No dates currently available - contact us for more information
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