Pregnancy and Childbirth Course Bookings

If you are ready to book a Childbirth and/or Baby and You Course, please complete the form below. This form is generally completed by the expectant mother.

We appreciate it’s a long form and we’re asking for a lot of information, but we require it to ensure you are booked on the correct course, it contains the correct content for you, and we can set up your Mana Parents Centre Membership. At the moment you can’t save this form, so please ensure you have as much information on hand as possible before you begin, or print this page out and come back and fill it in once you’ve got everything to hand!

Your support person: this will generally be your birthing partner – often a Husband, Father of the child, or a close family member or friend. If you don’t have one yet (or at all), just enter n/a in the Support person fields.

As courses can fill up quickly, we recommend you book in as soon as you know your Estimated Due Date, so you don’t miss out! Any questions or issues with this booking form, please feel free to contact us.

Antenatal and Childbirth Courses Booking Form
** Price includes One Year Mana Parents Centre Membership
Name you wish to be known by
Make sure this is an account you can access if you are going on Maternity leave!
Address we can send any Membership Magazines, newsletters etc.
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