Car Seat Installation

by Jan 9, 2016

Car Seat InstallationAll Child restraints must be used correctly to provide proper protection for your child.  No matter where you hire or buy your car seat from, it should always be checked and installed by a qualified Child Restraint Technician (CRT), such as Baby On The Move Wellington North (Wellington North).

Car Seat Installation

  • Ensure that the correct seatbelt path is used and that the child restraint is installed in the correct direction (rear or forward-facing)
  • Determine if angle adjustment is required.  Do not install convertible child restraints excessively reclined; ensure the angle is no greater than 40°
  • Thread the vehicle lap or lap/shoulder belt combination through the belt path as shown in the child restraint manual.
  • Buckle vehicle belt. Push down very firmly on the restraint (you will need all your weight) and pull up on shoulder belt until all slack is removed and lap belt is tight.
  • To use with a locking clip, grasp both vehicle belts together and unbuckle.
  • Thread both portions of the vehicle belt onto the locking clip and re-buckle the belt.
  • The lap belt portion should now be tight.
  • A well-installed car seat should not move (when checked, your car should rock instead).  If it does move, then remove the locking clip and repeat all steps.


  • Ensure the harness fits the child firmly (do not wrap a baby in a blanket or swaddle).
  • Any blanket or other covering may only be placed over the harness after the harness is adjusted firmly.
  • Always adjust the height of the shoulder straps as the child grows.

Location of anchor fitting

Some child restraints are required to use a top tether onto an anchor point.  The anchor point can be found in different locations in different cars. Sometimes it is on the parcel shelf in sedans, and on the floor area in station wagons, vans and hatchbacks. Make sure that you do not confuse the luggage hook in the back of a station wagon with anchor points. Refer to your owner’s car manual.

An extension strap may be needed for some vehicles. Extension straps and extra fittings are available from your local Baby On The Move store.

Installation of anchor fitting

Porirua Motors install anchor fittings (bolts) for only $10, as a service to the community.

If you are unable to locate or require an anchor fitting to be installed, please call to make a booking. Bolts can be purchased from any child restraint retailer.

Porirua Motors, 12 Norrie Street, Porirua. Phone 04 237 7979. Website:

Information in this page was kindly provided by Baby On The Move (Wellington North). Contact them on phone (04) 938 6365 or email [email protected] for more information.

NZTA Car Seat Installation Information

The New Zealand Transport Authority have put together a great resource on car seats – covering current car seat law and reccomendations, how to buy and install a car seat, and where to find technicans to help out. For more info visit their website at:

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