Daddy Daze – Coffee Group Nostalgia

by | Jun 1, 2016

Daddy DazeDaddy Daze gets a bit sentimental about his MPC Coffee Group!

Just the other day Facebook Memories told me it was the fourth anniversary of the start of our Childbirth Education classes. The post, hilariously, said “First night of antenatal class tonight and I have those first day of school jitters – hopefully we pass!” Why did I find it so hilarious? Because, we definitely did pass (we got a baby at the end of it all so I’m taking that as a pass!!) and there was no need to be nervous!

The people we meet that evening are now “our village”. They are our friends, our confidantes, our drinking buddies, and the only people in our social circle who understand that hosting a Saturday evening dinner party that is over by 7pm is actually a good time!!

My wife and the other ladies in that class have helped each other through pregnancies, sickness, moving house, baby loss, teething, starting childcare, returning to work and separation, along with all the day-to-day business of being awesome Mums.

There is a test applied to works of fiction call “The Bechdel Test”, which asks whether two female characters who talk to each other, talk about more than a male character – only about half of all movies “pass” the test! I reckon the test to measure the survival of a Coffee Group is to ask if the conversations held are more than just Mums talking about their babies.

And although the behaviour (or lack thereof), wellbeing, food and liquid input (and output!) of our gorgeous, mysteriously wonderful babies spawned a lot of conversation, the real bonding seemed to come from frequent outings, chatting about anything and everything, walking, drinking, eating or just plain sitting around, as well as the randomness of Whatsapp group messaging!

Four minutes into our first class and we were over the jitters, and four years on we consider our family very lucky that our Coffee Group well and truly passes the Kelly Test* (as we’ll call it!).

*The Kelly Gang were one of the first Tawa-Linden (now Mana) Parents Centre “Coffee Groups”. Formed in 1962 out of a Parents Centre antenatal (as it was known then) class, the group is named after Dr Jim Kelly, who delivered all their children. Sixty-plus years later, with adult children and grandchildren well gone from the nest, they still meet up regularly.

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