Meet the Committee

by Feb 14, 2018

Meet the Committee | Feb 2018

Mana Parents Centre is run entirely by volunteers, and we thought it was about time we introduced ourselves. The committee are friendly bunch who enjoy giving back, and we’re always looking for more helpers. From coordinating classes and preparing grant applications, to coordinating fundraising events and helping with our social media channels, there are plenty of ways you can get involved too.


It can be a tough job keeping us all in line but Fiona always manages to do it with a smile. As the president, she liaises with Parents Centre New Zealand on our behalf, manages our many stakeholder and sponsor relationships, looks after volunteer recruitment and retention, and provides oversight on all of our centre’s activities.


Belinda is our numbers gal. With a keen eye for detail, she manages of all of our finances, including budget planning, invoicing and paying our suppliers. She’s a real asset to our committee (pun intended) but sadly, she’ll be leaving us in June 2018, so, if this sounds like a role that you could help us with, flick us a message.


As the coordinator of our Childbirth Education (CBE) courses, Charlotte is the often the first one of us that you hear from. She loves celebrating this exciting milestone with couples and is a logistics and timetabling nerd, so this really is the perfect role for her. As well as planning the year’s CBE schedule, she processes bookings, arranges you into classes and sets up your coffee group Facebook groups. You may see her post from time to time as ‘Mana PC Coffee Groups’ too – be sure to say hi.


After taking a CBE class, many parents will carry on to take Baby & You and Bigger Baby & You courses and that’s where Peta comes in. Much like Charlotte, she manages all of the bookings, arranges you into classes and makes up goodie bags filled with products and vouchers from our generous sponsors. She sometimes uses the ‘Mana PC Coffee Groups’ Facebook account too and loves seeing all of the baby announcements you make.


Anna is the glue that holds our committee together. She makes sure we all attend our monthly committee meetings, and is responsible for sending out the agenda and taking the minutes. She also looks after our database of important documents, supports Fiona is her role as president, and organises things like the AGM.


Jess’s job is to chat with members and friends of Mana Parents Centre through our e-Newsletters and Facebook page. She likes to keep everyone up-to-date with exciting things like our latest Parent Education classes, exclusive member offers and family-friendly events in the local area. She also helps create our collateral and manages our advertisers – if you run a business and would like to get in front of our audiences, Jess would love to hear from you.


Rachael is our resident computer geek, and we love her for it. She totally revamped our website in 2016 and makes sure it continues to purr along happily. She’s also our go-to-gal for support with other IT-related issues. She recently picked up the Membership Officer role and looks after renewing and managing the Mana Parents Centre membership base. Look out for reminder emails when your membership is about to expire – rumour has it that when you don’t renew, a kitten starts to cry…


Rosie is a jack of all trades. She looks after the snail mail that comes our way and passes it on the right people. She manages our Member’s Book Library at Pember House, keeping the books in good nick and making sure they are returned on time. She can also be found packing goody bags, restocking stationery, and washing linens. Perhaps her most important job is that of the ‘tea lady’ – Rosie keeps the cupboards stocked with tea, coffee and biscuits for you to enjoy during classes.


Emma’s job as the Parent Education Coordinator is to organise, schedule and manage the running of our Parent Education courses like Water Play and Baby Sign. She’s the one who processes your bookings and ensures everything is in place with the course coordinator and facilitator before the course is run. If you’re keen to attend one of our courses for free in return for helping out with a few jobs on the day, get in touch with Emma.


You know the goody bags you received in your Childbirth Education class? Shailie is the good sort who makes sure our cupboards are well stocked with all of our partner merchandise like Huggies nappies and Johnson & Johnson products for the bags. She’s also known for throwing fancy fundraising events for us – if you came to our Bad Moms 2 Movie Night in 2017, you’ll know what we’re talking about!


While Lynaire has a small role on the committee (she is technically a ‘Friend of the Committee’), her contribution is big. She leads the charge for the distribution of the Kiwiparent magazine, making sure all of our members receive the magazine in their letterbox every second month. She also liaises with six other centres throughout New Zealand and co-ordinates their distribution too.


Whether you’re able to volunteer a little or a lot, we have a range of roles available and we’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget, Dads and non-members are welcome to join the committee too.

In return, you’ll get to:

  • Enjoy wine, chocolate and sweets! (a.k.a. monthly committee meetings)
  • Learn something new, or brush up on existing skills
  • Become part of a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and professions
  • Enjoy a discounted Mana Parents Centre membership
  • Help Mana Parents Centre provide the best start for new and expectant parents

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