Mum of Two – My Two Coffee Groups

by | May 26, 2016

red-coffee-cup-mugMums and dads come together with at least one thing in common – a baby! Fortunately for me, I have two coffee groups!  Baby 1 coffee group (CG) came about by attending the Childbirth and Pregnancy Course as first time parents. My second CG is the result of co-ordinating a Childbirth and Pregnancy Course with couples who were due around the same time as I was with baby 2. Both CG’s have been a great source of support, friendship, laughs and support. I know I repeated the idea of support, but having mums and dads in the same boat at the same time must makes a world of difference.  We all just ‘get it’!

CG1 – created over 4 years ago, a small tight knit group of 8 with birthdays spread across 4 months! In the first year we would meet every Wednesday at 11 am.  We would take turns hosting and putting on morning tea for each other. Fortunately, our group of mums all got on really well (sometimes you just can’t put a bunch of people together and expect them to along). Our weekly catch up’s lasted a year or so as most returned to work after their 12 months of maternity leave. None of us were pregnant with number 2, so although our weekly catch up’s ended, we still very much kept in touch.  Most of us have had baby number 2 now, so we have a wee crew amongst us. I am so fortunate to have me these mums and dads and love catching up when we are able to. This year we are celebrating the “5th Birthdays”, so we are going to have a great big party for all the kids to celebrate this milestone.

CG2 – created just over a year ago, consisting of 9 mummies with birthdays much closer to each other.  This coffee group met fortnightly in the beginning and then changed to weekly. When we meet, we take a plate to the ‘host’s’ house – which usually means they end up with heaps of yummy food leftover, seeing them through the rest of the week!  CG2 seems a lot busier than CG1 with both life and work.  A handful retuned to part time or full time work early on, making it impossible to find a day that would suit everyone. We found a day that suited most and ran with that.  The result of this, is that mummies tend to organise their own catch up with each other at different times.  We recently had a group 1st birthday party which was just so cute, and it was great to see the dads again too. We are still catching up weekly or fortnightly which is great, and some have baby 2 in the oven already – yay!!!!

All coffee groups are different, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. You make your own rules while laughing and crying along the way.  This parenthood business is an amazing journey, and how lucky am I that I get to enjoy this road with two great groups of mums and dads!

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