Mum of Two – A tribute to Dad

by Aug 8, 2016

Dad of 2 in our house is a very popular man. He has 3 big fans waiting for him each day he comes home from work. For me, I just feel like I can take a wee breather. For our girls, it’s like they are front and centre at their favourite concert.

We are usually eating dinner when Dad comes home, and as soon as the girls hear the garage door, they jiggle with joy in their seats waiting for their hero to walk through the door. When he does, it’s a chorus of Daaaaaaaaaaddddddd!  Dadddddddddyyyyyy! Massive smiles, hugs and kisses and the girls’ day is now complete.

Dad has a different type of relationship and respect from the girls than mum. We are a team, but he does things differently to me and it helps to create well rounded girls.  He plays, reads, talks and tickles them differently. If they are upset and I’m just not cutting the mustard, they call out for dad to help them, regardless of whether he is at home or not. While this can be heartbreaking for me at times, I am so pleased they have such a secure connection with their dad, and that mum isn’t the be all and end all. Magic carpet rides, tunnels, and pillows are some of the games dad plays with the girls. I have played them sometimes, but I just can’t do it like dad does!

The dad in our house is fantastic (most of the time), and sometimes he is the ‘bad guy’.  But, only a dad could ever get a welcome home like that, and create such a special place in the heart of each of his girls xxx.

Love, Mum of Two.

Image isn’t of our Dad of Two, but a generic stock image. We’d like to keep our Dad of Two (and Mum!) anonymous.

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