Be Prepared for Anything – our essential kit for your Baby Bag

by | Oct 10, 2016

We’ve polled our committee members (who are at various stages of parenthood – from little bitty newborns to school age children), about what’s in their ‘Nappy Bag’/everyday outing bag.

Pretty much everyone had:

  1. Wet Wipes! Doesn’t matter the age of your kids, it seems wet wipes are universal in a Mum/caretakers bag. For cleaning bottoms, faces, car seats, cafe tables… their uses are endless. For those going more re-usable, muslin or cotton cloths dampened and stored in a zip lock bag also works really well. Whatever you store them in, make sure they seal up well and keep airtight so they don’t loose their ‘wetness’.
  2. Nappies, nappies, nappies (well, for those that hadn’t broached toilet training yet!), nappy change cream/balms, change mats and nappy disposal bags. Nappy ‘wallets’ are super useful too, can slip one or two nappies, a small container of wipes, dirty nappy bag and a small cange mat in them.
  3. Purse, house & car keys, mobile phone (and often a charger, as you never know when your phone will become entertainment for the kids and you find yourself with a flat battery)
  4. Some kind of food, and generally a lot of crumbs or ‘lost’ food (old lollies, bits of slighly manky fruit, squashed museli bars, rouge raisins…) mmmm.
  5. Spare clothes for baby/child (and sometimes parents, in those early days it can be handy to have a spare tshirt, as baby puke or leaky breastmilk isn’t the best look out at the Mall…) – this spring has been difficult as the weather is so changeable, so LOTS of layers for baby.
  6. Old School ‘flat nappy’ (the big white flannelette ones) – amazing as a makeshift playmat, burp cloth, sun shade, ‘suck’ toy for teething, or even as a nappy!
  7. Pens
  8. Toiletries for mum and baby – lip balms, hair brushes, toothbrushes, hair ties and bows etc.
  9. Water bottles for baby and mum
  10. Some had baby bottles and formula
  11. Toys of some kind
  12. Sunhats and sunscreen

And the not so common items:

  1. 2 mismatched socks (!)
  2. A winning instant kiwi ticket from December last year (oooh!)
  3. Medications and a full first aid kit (baby with some health issues)
  4. Clothes Pegs – used as toys!
  5. Dummies/Pacifiers
  6. Headphones
  7. A seperate purse witih LOTS of gold coins – always seem to be dishing out money for school.
  8. 4 Lipsticks and 3 lip glosses (for a very stylish mum!).
  9. Breastfeeding Teabags

Our bags range from small handbags (often with a ‘backup’ nappy bag in the car with the full defcon 5 hazmat kit in it), to big big bags for those with multiple small children. I personally had two children in 17 months, so was hauling a rather large and messy bag full of nappy changing gear (usually modern cloth nappies, which can be bulky!) and snacks and toys for two children for a long time, and had multiple bags of spare clothes, nappies, food and toys in the car – which they had often grown out of by the time I needed them oops!

And you can spend from almost nothing to an absolute fortune on your baby bag(s)! I’ve own two that I use on a regular basis – a canvas sholder bag I sewed myself, and a Skip Hop bag that was awesome when we had our second child (and I had twice as many nappies and clothes etc to haul around!).

In the early days of babies, I’d try to prepare ahead and make sure the bag was restocked and ready to go each night, rather than running around the house like a mad woman 10 minutes before an activity was due to start, or arriving at someones house with no nappies, some dirty clothes, and a whole bag of toy cars…. (yep, it has happened).

About Rachael

Rachael is a stay at home Mum to 2 lovely (tho noisy!) boys, born 17 months apart. Previously an IT consultant, she now focuses on her new love of sewing (making lovely homewares, children items and the occasional thing for herself!), attempting to be semi-self sufficient on their lifestyle block, and the occasional foray into web design and photography. Phew! A previous Pregnancy and Childbirth class attendee, her antenatal coffee group is still going strong after 4 years, meeting occasionally and celebrating a lot of the big milestones for their children.

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