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With the explosion of smartphones with great cameras and video recording, and the amazing quality of digital cameras, we all take pictures and photos we’re proud of, but we often forget to share them! Here’s a few of my ideas on sharing and displaying your images:

 Printing Photos

Yep, remember the old boxes full of curled, slightly faded family pics? Still a great joy to dig through them and laugh and cry at your memories. Huggies have partnered with Snapfish to create the Huggies Photo Centre – a quick, cheap and easy way to upload and print your photos and have them delivered to your door. As an extra bonus, they are offering 50 free photos (up to 10cm x 15cm size) for FREE just for joining – join up and they will be credited to your account (you’ll need to pay for postage still)! They often have promotions running too, so check their page to get the best prices.

Other ways to print include printing onto canvas, which comes ready to hang on your wall and can make a great statement! Or try cards (they make great birth announcements!), photo blocks, cups, calendars, tshirts…

There are heaps of new services that print from your smartphone, including monthly photobooks which take out all the hard work – just choose your photos each month and a book will appear in the post like magic! A few we’ve heard of (but please note we haven’t tried them out so aren’t reccomending any!) are:

  • Groovebook – choose your photos and get a new album every month. With tear-out pages you can remove and give away a photo as a gift.
  • Chatbooks – Print your everyday moments in 60 page volumes. Connect Instagram, Facebook or your Camera Roll Favorites. A new 60-page book volume is automatically created each time you add 60 photos to that photo source. Or create your own photobooks when you like.

Displaying Photos

Pinterest is LOADED with great ideas for how to display pictures in your home. My favourites include big photo gallery walls, and also pegging up smaller ‘polaroid’ type pics on a string line. I also love the mini photo magnets you can pop on the fridge – they make a great gift too.

And you can never go past the good old photo album – choose to dress it up a bit with some scrapbooking, or just the regular flip through albums – don’t forget to put a quick note of who, when and where, to make it a bit easier later on! I know my sisters and I all looked quite similar as babies and infants, and we can’t tell who is who in some of the photos 🙂

Services offering more than your standard printing options include Parabo Press and Happy Moose (wall decals, collages etc).

Sharing Photos

There is more photo sharing apps that you can shake a stick at! We’ll start with the stuff that’s inbult on your phone, then look at a few other apps. Email is still the go-to for lots of people, but you can start running into problems with file size limits on email accounts, and emails getting lost! And videos are never easy to email…

If your family are all using Apple products, the built in iCloud Photo Sharing can be the easiest way to go, and they’ll get notified when new photos are added. Everyone can comment on photos which can be fun too! If your’e on Android, or a mix of Apple/Windows/Android Smart Phones, Google Photos can be good to share albums too if everyone can install it. Or there are third party applications such as 23Snaps, Cluster, Moments by Facebook  – there is a good review of some of the available apps on the Gizmodo website. Most apps will send a notification or email when new photos go up, and they can be captioned and commented on – some even let you place stickers or apply filters.


Last but not least, please make sure you’ve saved those precious photos somewhere secure in case your phone or computer or printed images get stolen, are in a fire or down a toilet (yes, it’s happened to a lot of my friends!), or have a problem and you loose them all! Most smartphones will have a service that can be used to back your photos up to a cloud server – Google Photos and iCloud can do it for you automagically if you set it up (sometimes you may need to pay a small fee for extra storage space), and there are plenty of other services available out there. Better safe than sorry 🙂



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Rachael is a stay at home Mum to 2 lovely (tho noisy!) boys, born 17 months apart. Previously an IT consultant, she now focuses on her new love of sewing (making lovely homewares, children items and the occasional thing for herself!), attempting to be semi-self sufficient on their lifestyle block, and the occasional foray into web design and photography. Phew! A previous Pregnancy and Childbirth class attendee, her antenatal coffee group is still going strong after 4 years, meeting occasionally and celebrating a lot of the big milestones for their children.
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